Vocational Programs


BBEDC has put forth a constant effort to provide training scholarships to residents who want to improve and enhance their skills through either short or long-term training programs.  BBEDC believes this investment of building a qualified workforce that is postured for available jobs within the region and state is a major step in building a healthy economy for our region.

Vocational Training

Funds are available for individuals seeking financial assistance for vocational training that results in a certification, license or diploma.  For residents seeking vocational training that does not conclude with a license, certification or diploma, the training must be deemed capacity building and tied directly to a person's primary employment.  BBEDC will prioritize training at Southwest Alaska Vocational Education Center (SAVEC) and secondly, in-state. Applicants must justify requests for training outside the region.  Complete applications must be received by BBEDC seven days prior to the start of classes to be considered for funding.

2017 Vocational Training Application

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Community/Group Training Fund

Funding is offered to BBEDC village, city and borough governments and accredited or known training providers to provide training opportunities that are fisheries related or deemed capacity building for BBEDC CDQ residents seeking new or enhanced skills related to their fishing operations or primary employment.

2017 Community and Group Training Application

For more information on vocational programs offered by BBEDC, contact Charlene Lopez or Pearl Strub at 842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370.