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It is the purpose of the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation to promote economic growth and opportunities for residents of its member communities through sustainable use of the Bering Sea resources.


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Positions Open- Community Outreach Coordinator, Staff Accountant, Receptionist, and Seafood Industry Investment Staff

BBEDC is currently recruiting for a Community Outreach Coordinator, this position is full-time with benefits. The Community Outreach Coordinator works closely with BBEDC management and staff to promote awareness about BBEDC programs and services in member communities through the development of effective outreach materials, conducting a variety of outreach activities and building cooperative relationships. Please refer to the full job description for a listing of the requirements and duties.  Contact BBEDC for more information at 842-4370, 1-800-478-4370 or email chris@bbedc.com. Applicants must provide a cover letter, resume and complete application.                               BBEDC Employment Application   Community Outreach Coordinator Job Description

BBEDC is also recruiting for a Staff Accountant, this position is full-time with benefits. The Staff Accountant works closely with other accounting department staff to perform general accounting transactions, reconciliations and assists in the preparation of financial reporting of the corporation. The position reports to the Finance Officer. Please refer to the full job description for a listing of the qualifications and duties. Contact BBEDC for more information at 842-4370, 1-800-478-4370 or email chris@bbedc.com. Applicants must provide a cover letter, resume and complete BBEDC employment application (link above).     Staff Accountant Job Description

BBEDC is now recruiting for the position of Seafood Industry Investment Staff. The position is a 12-24 month position under the general supervision fo the Chief Executive Officer or their designee, for an otherwise qualified individual to develop specific expertise and experience needed for the position of Seafood Industry Investment Officer (SIIO) which will become available in 2022. The position will be evaluated periodically during that period to assess progress towards interim objectives. Applicants must provide a cover letter, resume and complete application. Position is open until filled. Contact BBEDC for more information at 1-800-478-4370 or email chris@bbedc.com.    Seafood Industry Investment Staff Job Description

BBEDC is currently looking for candidates to fill our Receptionist position. The Receptionist is responsible for performing general office procedures on a daily basis, including answering phones, mail collection and delivery, general typing and data entry, faxing, and more. See job description for details. The postion is full-time with benefits and is open until filled.  Applicants must provide a cover letter, resume and complete BBEDC employment application. Receptionist Job Description

BBEDC 2020 Tax Preparation Program Open

Time to get ready for April 15th! BBEDC's Tax Preparation Program is here to help you through the process. The program provides up to $150 for professional preparation per tax return. All BBEDC CDQ Community residents are eligible to apply. To apply, return the application, supply residency documentation and submit the relationship disclosure form. Below are some program details, contact BBEDC for more information. 2020 Tax Preparation Application   BBEDC Approved Tax Preparers    2020 Tax Tips

  • Residents must submit a complete Tax Preparation Application. Spouses filing separately will need to register separately.
  • All adults receiving services have on file or submit a current Residency Form.
  • Participant submits a Relationship Disclosure Form with the application.
  • Tax Preparer is on BBEDC's approved tax preparer list.
  • Only 2019 taxes are eligible, preparer will require an approval card.
  • Application period is January through mid-April.

Fisheries Habitat Protection Grant

Through the Fisheries Habitat Protection Grant, BBEDC is offering limited financial support to organizations and individuals who are working to protect the habitat that sustains the Bristol Bay fisheries. Specifically from unsustainable development from large scale metallic mining.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to support individual endeavors, and larger awards are available for organizations based in Bristol Bay. Grant distribution will be project specific, and require the applicant to provide a project narrative, budget, time table for completion, and reportable, deliverable outcomes. Interim reports and updates will be mandatory upon BBEDC's request. Funding is limited, and all proposals are due by April 1, 2020.

For more information on how to apply, contact Gary Cline or Anthony Zoch in the Regional Fisheries Department by phone at 842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370, or email regionalfish@bbedc.com.

Alaskan Leader Fisheries Foundation Grant Opportunity

The Alaskan Leader Fisheries Foundation (ALF) is now accepting applications for funding of local non-profit organizations and projects for 2020.  The ALF mission is to bring eduation, activities, community improvements, and most of all support to the people who need it most in rural Alaska. Non-profit organizations and groups in BBEDC CDQ Communities are eligible to apply. See this flyer and application for more information.  The deadline to apply is February 28, 2020 at 5pm.

Seasonal Employment Opportunities Available

There is a position available through BBEDC's Seasonal Employment Opportunities Program. UTBB is working with BBEDC to offer an Outreach and Governmental Relations Assistant position. More information can be found in the job flyer or by calling the Employment & Training Department at BBEDC. Applicants must be BBEDC CDQ residents.

Outreach and Govermental Relations Assistant Flyer  Seasonal Employment Application

BBEDC 2018 Annual Report

BBBEDC 2018 Annual ReportThe BBEDC 2018 Annual Report is now available. Please take some time to review our activities over the last year and see all of the amazing opportunities available for residents and communities. Enjoy, and please contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of our programs.



Books for Sale- The Canneries, Cabins and Caches of Bristol Bay, Alaska

HSST bookLooking for a gift to give from the Bristol Bay Region? John Branson's book is a great choice. Filled with pictures and history of the Bristol Bay fisher, it is sure to please. For more information or to purchase your copy, contact BBEDC at 907-842-4370 or admin@bbedc.com. Resale quantity discount available. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Harvey Samuelsen Scholarship Trust.