Fisheries Habitat Protection Grant


Through the Fisheries Habitat Protection Grant BBEDC is offering limited grants to support organizations and individuals who are working to protect the habitat that sustains the Bristol Bay fisheries.  Specifically from unsustainable development from large scale metallic mining.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to support individual endeavors, and larger awards are available for organizations based in Bristol Bay. Grant distribution will be project specific and require that the applicant provide a project narrative, budget, time table for completion, and reportable, deliverable outcomes.  Interim reports and updates will be mandatory upon BBEDC's request. Funding is limited, and all proposals are due by April 1, 2023.


Fisheries Habitat Protection Grant Flyer

For more information on how to apply, contact Gary Cline or Anthony Zoch in the Regional Fisheries Department by phone at 907-842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370, or email