Vessel Acquisition Program


HarborvesselThe Vessel Acquisition Program is offered to residents of the BBEDC CDQ and Bristol Bay watershed communities in order to enhance the opportunity for resident fishers to obtain a competitive and efficient vessel.  Through an evaluative process, participants may receive technical assistance, equity assistance (sweat equity), interest subsidy, training, an RSW incentive, and/or down payment assistance.  Participation is contingent upon the applicant's ability to obtain and maintain a loan from approved lenders. 

Applications accepted September 1-April 1

2023 Vessel Acquisition Program Application

2023 Vessel Acquisition Program Fact Sheet

Residency is a requirement, if you have any any questions regarding residency requirements or questions about any absences you may need to take, please contact BBEDC and have them addressed BEFORE you begin your travel.

For more information, contact Alice Ruby or Walter Reynolds at 907-842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370.