Shore Fishery Lease Grant


setnetThe Shore Fishery Lease Grant was created to enhance income potential and allow for some certainty of access to a site for resident Bristol Bay setnet permit holders by providing eligible participants with financial assistance toward gaining a State of Alaska Shore Fishery Lease.

Residents of the 17 BBEDC communities that meet program requirements may qualify for a one-time BBEDC grant of up to $800(or no more than 75% of the total cost) for a State of Alaska Shore Fishery Lease.

Shore Fishery Lease grant funds may be used for the following provided that the applicant is expected to pay at least 25% of the item (in no case shall BBEDC pay 100%)

  • Non-refundable DNR application filing fee
  • Cost of a surveyor or draftperson
  • Non-refundable DNR diagram review
  • Initial/first year rental payment for a first-time Shore Fishery Lease

Eligible residents must demonstrate the following:

  • Residency in any of the 17 BBEDC communities
  • Ownership of a Bristol Bay set net permit
  • Commitments for a market for upcoming year
  • Recent participation in set net fishing
  • Confirmation of use of the site for which the lease is desired
  • Applicant does not have an existing shore fishery lease with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources
  • Need for BBEDC assistance

Shore Fisheries Grant Fact Sheet

DNR Shore Fishery Lease Application

2023 Shore Fisheries Grant Application

Please see the Shore Fishery Lease Fact Sheet for more information and/or contact Walter Reynolds or Alice Ruby at 907-842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370.