Tax Preparation Program


BBEDC assists residents of its 17 communities with filing correct and timely taxes by paying up to $150 per tax return:

  • Residents submit a complete Tax Preparation Application. Spouses filing separately will need to register separately.
  • All adults receiving services will have on file or submit a current BBEDC Residency Form.
  • Participant submits a Relationship Disclosure Form with the application.
  • Tax preparer is on BBEDC’s approved tax preparer list.
  • Only 2021 taxes are prepared; preparer will require an approval card.
  • Application period is January through mid-April.

2022 Tax Preparation Program Application

2022 BBEDC Residency Form     2022 BBEDC Relationship Disclosure Form

BBEDC Approved Tax Preparers

Tax Tips!

For more information contact Walter Reynolds at 907-842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370 or email