Community Block Grants


The Community Block Grant Program provides grants to local government organizations (Tribal or City government) to fund development of projects that promote sustainable community and regional economic development. The BBEDC Board determines the level of funding available to communities and whether the community can offer fuel/electric assistance to eligible low-income residents, M&O for community-owned ice machines and/or toher community facilities with the funding on an annual basis. Policies and guidelines are available from BBEDC. The amount budgeted for 2020 is $500,000 per community.  The application period is January 1, 2020- November 30, 2020.

COVID-19 Information:There is no question that the Coronavirus situation could have huge consequences in our region and BBEDC believes actions taken at the local level can be a way to mitigate some of those impacts. The BBEDC Community Block Grant (CBG) program may be used at this time of emergency as a resource for projects to assist the response to the economic impacts of the Coronavirus situation in our 17 communities. Each community is a little different so your leadership is critical for the local response.

In order to reduce the paperwork burden, BBEDC created a shortened application to be used for projects associated with the economic impacts of the Coronavirus situation.
Following are some important items to note:

  • On March 27, 2020 the BBEDC Executive Committee waived the income requirements for Home Heating Fuel and Electric Assistance (F&E). As always, it is up to each community to decide whether they will offer F&E as a Community Block Grant project. No other requirements were changed.
  • On March 27, 2020 the Executive Committee increased the amount of funds that each community may request as an CBG advance payment. Under this new direction, communities may request up to $100,000.00 as an advance payment to address pressing needs. The community must have submitted a CBG application and it must have been approved. The community must submit the proper back-up regarding expenditure of the funds before additional advances or payments will be approved.
  • Communities may apply for a new project under the current 2021 program or may restructure previously received grants to address the current emergency. See all related forms below.


2021 Community Block Grant Application Packet          Budget Form

Community Block Grant COVID-19 Emergency Application   COVID-19 CBG Budget Form

CBG Fuel and Electric Assistance Guidelines – updated April 2020

Looking for other grant funding opportunities? See the Funding Opportunities Newsletter, requests to be added to the email list can be directed to the people below.

REMINDER: Block Grant applications need to be approved by 12/31. Only complete applications can be assessed and approved.

For more information about the Community Block Grant Program contact Massa Pat or Alice Ruby  at 842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370.