Bering Sea Employment


Boats 2016BBEDC Employment and Training staff travels to or communicate with CDQ communities throughout the year to recruit individuals for seafood processing jobs in the Bering Sea. Jobs opportunities come available with Arctic Storm, American Seafoods and Dona Martita (Pollock boats), Alaskan Leader (long liners), Coastal Villages Bristol Management (crab boats/tenders), U.S. Seafoods (multi-species bottom fish boats), Icicle Seafoods (floating processors and land plants), Westward Seafoods and OBI Seafoods (land plants). Positions are available year round to resident applicants of the 25 Bristol Bay watershed communities.

2022 Bering Sea Employment Application

For more information contact Rachel Tilden at 907-842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370.