Seasonal Employment Opportunities


Residents of BBEDC communities who wish to learn new work skills and gain experience through on-the-job training in entry-level, seasonal employment can apply for positions created by this program.  BBEDC works cooperatively with local employers to create entry-level, seasonal positions for residents. The goal of the program is to provide temporary employment for qualified residents that can lead to a full time position.

ginnyTara Henry at KDLG Seasonal


Entities located in a BBEDC CDQ community who are interested in providing an employment opportunity through this program should complete and submit a 2022 Seasonal Employee Request.  Employment Budget Worksheet. Applications are available throughout the year, approval is based upon availability of budgeted funds.


Residents who would like to apply for a seasonal employment position being advertised by BBEDC should complete and submit a 2022 Seasonal Employment Application. 

CURRENT OPEN POSTITION – City of Dillingham, Landfill Attendant. See flyer here.

For more information contact Rachel Tilden or Laticia Swift at 842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370.