Youth Internships

BBEDC works cooperatively with entities in its communities to place resident youth age 14-17 in internships around the Bristol Bay region.  The basic fundamentals of good work ethic, application process and interview skills are the emphasis.  At each pre-employment step, the youth applicant is coached by BBEDC staff on proper application and interview practices.  Application periods will be announced on the radio and posted in communities as well as on this website.

For the latest 2022 internship opportunities check back here often.

Organizations seeking to employ a youth intern should complete and submit a 2022 Youth Intern Employer Request.  

Youth ages 14-17 who wish to apply for an advertised internship need to complete and submit a 2022 Youth Internship Application.

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Adult In-Region Internships

BBEDC's adult in-region internships are designed to allow residents to work with partnering agencies and offer meaningful practical work experience related to interests and career goals.  If you are interested in applying for an internship or have ideas for new internship opportunities, contact BBEDC Education, Employment & Training staff.

To apply for an In-Region Internship, complete and submit the 2022 In-Region Internship Application

Entities that would like to request an internship can complete and submit either the 2022 In-Region Intern Employer Request   Employment Budget Worksheet

For more information about any of the internship opportunities please contact Rachel Tilden or Laticia Swift at 842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370.

Reminder: Participants must maintain residency throughout their internship, you are expected to return to your community when finished and follow the residency policy. If you have any any questions regarding residency requirements or questions about any absences you may need to take, please contact BBEDC and have them addressed BEFORE you begin your travel.