RSW Purchase Program



In the interest of improving salmon quality and fishing income, BBEDC's RSW Purchase Program offers grants to assist with the purchase of Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems for qualifying commercial salmon operations.  The fisher will have the option to select either a hydraulic or diesel driven RSW unit. All payments will be made directly to the vendor.  This program is intended for vessels that have not previously used the Vessel Upgrade Grant Program for the purchase or installation of an RSW system.


RSW Purchase Program applicants must have a current Residency Affidavit on file and proof of active participation in the Bristol Bay salmon fishery for the three previous consecutive salmon seasons.  Following grant distribution, the applicant must remain a resident in any of the 17 CDQ communities and remain an active participant in the Bristol Bay salmon fishery for the subsequent three consecutive salmon seasons using the vessel with the RSW system purchased through this program .  Applicants will need to provide a clear action plan for plumbing, housing, and providing the needed hydraulic capacity to run the chillers, they will also be expected to participate in a certified RSW operator's course or provide documentation of having done so previously.  Prior to successful applicants to receiving their RSW equipment, a certified technician must verify that the vessel is ready for the equipment to be installed and perform the initial system start-up.   

Potential applicants are encouraged to read the one page RSW Considerations sheet prior to moving forward with the application process.  RSW Purchase Program applications are accepted year round.  

2019 RSW Purchase Program Application

For more information contact the Regional Fisheries Department at 842-4370 or 1-800-478-4370.